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Mexican restaurant & bar

The Real Taste!

Pos Bueno! is a Mexican Restaurant & Bar located in the town of Brampton, Ontario. It has its origins in the State of Aguascalientes, Mexico since 2003. The menu offered at Pos Bueno!, includes a variety of typical dishes from different areas of Mexico. In the hands of our beloved chef Alvaro Israel Munoz Padilla, the recipes are transformed into culinary delights that showcase, with love and respect, the traditional Mexican cuisine that is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

The menu at Pos Bueno! includes items like tortas, tacos, soups and other amazing dishes made with diverse fresh ingredients to please our MEAT-LOVERS and VEGETARIAN patrons. Chef Israel prepares delicacies with beef tongue, lechón, buche, etc. that only experienced chefs in the Mexican cuisine can prepare successfully and with a great taste. Complementing the menu, dishes like chilaquiles, gorditas and other delicious Mexican antojitos are prepared with TLC by the hands of Paloma d Munoz.



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